About Us

Baby 123 is more than just a “daycare” It’s an “Island style” childcare facility designed to educate and have lots of fun at the same time. A few activities that separate Baby 123 from the other daycare facilities on island are.
-Daily walks to one or more of the many parks located around Baby 123.
-Yakisoba and pancake parties, where the students participate in preparing the meal.
-We teach basic Japanese such as numbers, colors, and greetings to name a few.
-During the summer months, weather permitting, we take the kids to the beach every day.
-During class time, the students cover the alphabet and numbers. As well as an art class, and puzzle time.
-If the weather is bad, we can utilize the “Jido-Kan” a public indoor play place where the students get a chance to mingle with the local children their age.
-At Baby 123 we understand that 1 year old and 3-year-old are different. That is why we separate the students into two groups/classes. One class from 0-2 years and the other is 2–3-year-old.
-Each child has a daily log that is sent home with the parent every day. The log covers things such as potty-training progress, how much the child ate or did not eat. and over all is a very useful communication tool for the parents and staff.
-If the logbook isn’t enough, Baby 123 has a Facebook page! Our pictures are updated every day and

gives the parents a chance to see Baby 123 from behind the scenes. Only the parents can see the pictures, so once your child is enrolled, send us a request, and we will add you right away.

And lastly, all staff of Baby 123 are CPR certified.

Daily Schedule

7:00a.m. Open
8:00a.m. ~ 8:30a.m. Breakfast
8:45a.m. Baby #1 outside walk
9:00a.m ~ 10:00a.m. Class time starts, Baby#2 outside walk
10:00a.m. ~ 11:00a.m. Big kid's class outside,baby class potty training,indoor play time
11:00a.m. ~ 11:45a.m. Lunch
11:45a.m. ~ 12:00p.m. Potty training
12:00p.m. ~ 2:00p.m. Nap time
2:00p.m. ~ 2:30p.m. Snack time
2:30p.m. ~ 3:00p.m. Brush teeth,change clothes,
3:00p.m. ~ 3:30p.m. Play time
3:30p.m. ~ 4:30p.m. outside
4:30p.m. ~ 5:30p.m. snack time,play time,get ready to go back home

Baby123 Yearly Events

January Happy New Year Play Japanese New Year kid’s game
February Setsubun no Hi
March Picnic
April Easter Egg Hunting
May Hamaya Soba Lunch Trip
June Picnic
July Beach Day (Big Kid’s class) Pool Day ( Little Kid’s class)
August Beach Day (Big Kid’s class) Pool Day ( Little Kid’s class)
September -
October Halloween Party
November Class picture, KIMONO picture day
December Christmas Party
* Individual Birthday party


1-157 Miyagi aza Chatan-Cho Nakagamigun Okinawa
Open 7:00am-5:00pm

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